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104 Photos of Cemetery at University of Virginia.

Charlottesville City Council TV10 LIVE & ARCHIVED + other public meetings.

Single-Shot Vote for Kenneth Jackson. Wednesday September 20, 2017. (Post/Share) (Comment)

Single-shot vote for Kenneth Jackson in November for Charlottesville City Council. Facebook campaign site.

Has anyone other than local Rob Schilling ever won this way? YES. Happens all the time in diluted systems, which are illegal under Voting Rights Act. Bob Fenwick failed in 2009 as an independent, but was later elected by the one-party system. "Fenwick says single shot voting will be "absolutely" crucial to him getting elected. "The technique was used in the '50s during massive resistance– blacks used it to maximize their vote," he says." Source.

Is there another City Council just like Charlottesville's? YES. Tignall, Wilkes County, Georgia tried to stop single-shot or bullet-voting, to maintain power of existing citywide majority and lock out the 43% voting minority, which happens to be black. If the political minority was white, the same federal law would apply. DOJ disallowed the "reform."

"[Tygnall's] five-member council is elected at large by plurality vote to four-year concurrent terms. Prior to 1999, only one member of the city council was black. [...]

"Based on our analysis of the available information, it appears that voting in Tignall is racially polarized and that minority voters under the existing system have achieved some success by limiting the number of votes that they cast for city council seats in order to elect their candidate of choice. This technique is referred to as **single-shot voting.** Under the proposed system, each seat on the council that is up for election will be identified as a separate post and candidates will compete against one another for that specific post. This will eliminate the opportunity minority voters have had under the existing system to boost the effectiveness of their vote for their preferred candidate through single-shot voting. [...]

"It appears, therefore, that the city's proposed addition to its at-large election system of numbered posts, a majority vote requirement and staggered terms will lead to a worsening of minority electoral opportunity, which is prohibited by Section 5. See Beer v. United States, 425 U.S. 130, 141 (1976)."
Dept. of Justice Determination Letter 53.

"The strategy is an election mathematics trick. The goal for a single-shot candidate is to get core supporters to cast only one vote in the race and persuade others to split their votes between the candidate and an opponent. That maximizes the candidate’s own numbers and dilutes the opponents’ numbers."
Art of the single shot: How less can mean more when voters get to choose two.

"In Arizona, two representatives serve each legislative district. By choosing to vote only for me, and not using your second vote, it helps your vote go farther. The Single Shot Strategy has proven effective in allowing us to overcome the Democratic voter registration deficit in the past. It enables us to virtually ensure that at least one Democrat is elected to the State House — the only way the moderate values of our district are represented in a balanced way."
What's this Single Shot thing anyway? Kelli Butler for Arizona October 12, 2016.

"It is virtually impossible," says Schilling. "The last independent elected was in 1936. These elections are rigged to favor Democrats."
Single Shot: Can Independent Win Council Seat? Oct. 27, 2009.

More on Charlottesville's Broken City Council.

More about Kenneth Jackson from The Hook 2004. "He's African American. He's gay. He lives in Section 8 housing. So why is Kenneth Jackson running for City Council as a Republican? Jackson doesn't put too much stock in political parties."
Hot Seat: Kenneth Jackson Not Your Stereotypical Republican. Feb. 19, 2004.

Round 3 Aftermath Of August 12 Race Riots. Sunday September 17, 2017. (Post/Share)

9-18-2017 City Council Agenda 198-page 10-meg PDF 20 items with background material.

Double standards will be on display at Monday's regular meeting, from inconsistent procedures to outright favoritism. Often history exposes injustice from inequality because you need two events for comparison. Sometimes both standards are juxtaposed before your very eyes, which requires political (polite) correctness or double-think.

The 1940 Albemarle County Historical Society is now called Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society. It has been at the McIntire building since 1993, owned by the City as the public library until a 1977 city-county joint venture purchased the old downtown post office next door for the existing library. The first public library was a couple blocks away at Court Square in the days of Jefferson.

It's the closest thing to the Robert E. Lee statue, ground zero for state-sponsored violence on August 12, Occupy Charlottesville in 2011, and countless festivals and homeless people. Yet the Society has been silent on government efforts to destroy the artifacts and landmarks of local history at their doorstep.

Now we know why. A 5-year package worth $750,000. That's what it would cost a legitimate tax-paying business.

The McIntire Building – built for use as a City library by Paul Goodloe McIntire – is one of the more stately properties in Charlottesville. It was first leased to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society in 1993, after an extensive renovation organized by the Society, using a combination of donated funds and a loan from the City.

Discussion: The previous lease of the McIntire Library to the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society (ACHS) provided for a four-year initial term, expiring June 30, 2017, with a Tenant’s option for an additional one year.

Rather than electing to extend the existing lease, the Historical Society has requested that a new lease be executed under more favorable terms. The previous lease agreement established a first-year rental rate of $2,184, sufficient to offset the City’s average cost to maintain the building.

That rental rate did not account for the cost of capital improvements/repairs to the facility, nor did it reflect the Fair Market Value of the property, estimated at $15/square foot ($114,090/year) or compensate for lost commercial real estate revenue.

The lease being provided for consideration by City Council includes all terms requested by the Historical Society, including:

  • No rent payments throughout the 5-year lease -- estimated minimum net revenue loss of $10,920, not including any rent rate adjustments which may have been negotiated to reflect building maintenance or other cost increases associated with ownership.
  • City assumes responsibility for the provision of electricity, natural gas and water/ sewer utilities – estimated cost to the City of ~$40,000 over 5 years
  • City assumes responsibility for grounds maintenance, including snow removal – estimated cost to the City of ~$11,000 over 5 years.
  • City assumes responsibility for Casualty Insurance.
  • City assumes responsibility for all capital improvements – estimated cost to the City of approximately $118,000 over 5 years, (roof replacement & fire alarm system). As a footnote, the City has expended about $430,000 for capital improvements, over the past ten years at this facility.
What is the consistency of the agenda itself? Spending money is called Appropriation and Resolution. Appropriaion requires 2 readings. A resolution is only one reading. On Monday there will be 4 resolutions to spend about $2 million and 5 appropriations to spend about $1 million. Seven of the 9 spending bills are snuck through the Consent Agenda (list of bills passed in single vote). A consent item can be passed at the beginning of the meeting, but discussed only at the end of the meeting.

Special interest initiatives allocate $2 million for the Carlton Views Phase 2 development from Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund. Other real estate issues deal with various slush funds – Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Patnership.

To release an easement for natural gas lines back to the free market, you need 2 readings (regular meetings).

It's the 2nd reading to spend the $12,000 on Rose Hill Neighborhood historic survey. What a mixed message! Destroy history in many parts of town while pretending to care about history in other parts of town.

There's an update on the Rain Tax. Columbus Day will become Indigenous Peoples Day (resolution = once).

The final late-night item is a Statement of Economic Principles. It's sure to be Orwellian double-think. While the local economy, posioned with unjust ideas like non-profit and tax-exempt, continues to contract since World War Two, the rhetoric is from the past when historical principles of civil rights led to prosperity.

Cognitive dissonance is unsettling. In recent years City Council has stopped following traditional procedures and created confusion. Every parent knows routine is necessary to prevent children from acting out. Every parent should know that loving one child more than the others creates resentment. Being unable to challenge your parent's double-think creates hostility.

Civil War Vignettes From Harris' Farmer's Almanac 2015. Thursday September 14, 2017. (Post/Share)

Hours before his assassination in April 1865, Abraham Lincoln pardoned Robert E. Lee. Upon Lee's death 1870, the Lexington Courthouse of Rockbridge County lost Lee's paperwork. In 1975 President Gerald Ford reaffirmed that pardon.

The Original Almanac, first published 1692.

Unlike Robert E. Lee, some Confederate and Union officers used their fame for personal and political gain, joining the Republicans and Reconstruction after the Civil War. When John Mosby joined the Grant administration, his Virginia neighbors burned down his house. Before the war Mosby opposed slavery and opposed secession. Confederate-turned-carpetbagger James Longstreet had little luck when President Andrew Johnson (Lincoln's pro-slavery vice-president) denied clemency. In 1868 Congress over-rode the president and granted the pardon. Though widely hated, both men redeemed themselves through professional accomplishments.

Bad Grammar is the legacy of the Civil War. People used to say "These United States are one nation." Now we say "The United States is one nation."

Thomas Jefferson "donated" his library collection to Congress in January 1815 for $23,950, more than than the $20,000 it cost to build the Rotunda.

Four New Memes. Sunday September 10, 2017. Page of 36 memes so far.

The Titanic Already Sank. Thursday September 7, 2017. (Post/Share)
Responds to Free Enterprise Forum commentary by Neil Williamson.

The Titanic (Garrett urban renewal) already sank. The sister ship is the S.I.A., today's Charlottesville brainstorming how to make the same journey. But we don't know the Titanic was hit on the right side by an iceberg and broke in-two as it sank. That's what hundreds of surviving witnesses say. But the investigation was politically motivated for insurance purposes.

Now you have 2 competing histories. The locals are in the life rafts. Everyone knew someone who drowned. Outside consultants are brought in to push the official history which will lead to another sinking of an entire neighborhood.

Today we somehow don't know that Eminent Domain was used to seize and sell real estate in the S.I.A. Some of that land is still for sale since 1970s, vacant space or parking lots where people once lived and worked, the key part of the latest scheme. Why won't anyone buy it? Yeah Bill of Rights says it's a crime but Supreme Court and numerous referendums say it's okay.

Old guy in life boat says:

(a) Return the land to the legal owners or heirs so they can sell it for the desired development. That resolves the theft status of the property.

(b) Sell the land at auction. Property seized through Due Process is sold at police auctions. Property seized through Eminent Domain is not supposed to be sold, thus a corrupt process. The legislature that seizes the land also cherry-picks the new owner and subsidizes the transfer.

(c) These reforms should be standard throughout the merchant fleet. Public Use should be the requirement to seize without Due Process. So CRHA Charlottesville Redevelopment & Housing Authority must be stripped of its Redevelopment "seize & sell" authority. Nobody should have this authority.

The captain of sister Titanic politely rolls his eyes and says: That's already the first chapter of the official regulations. So you don't know what you're talking about.

The passengers just want the crew to follow proper procedure. And stop rolling their eyes in blatant defiance while asking you to "trust" them. Why won't the captain follow the existing regulations?

The Titanic was a good analogy.

This image shows Friendship Court public housing and the green space and parking lots called super-blocks.

2007 Charette at Westhaven where urban renewal director Noah Schwartz kept asking for any- any at all- ideas for Levy Avenue parking lot since 1972.

Life Boat Perspective:

Justice For Jason Shifflett. Thursday September 7, 2017. (Post/Share)

Jesse James (1939). Saturday September 2, 2017. (Post/Share)

The most famous Hollywood film about Eminent Domain. First 15 minutes set up the injustice. Claiming government authority, a gang of well-dressed railroad execs move out to acquire land.

The 1st family farm gives in to intimidation. If you don't accept what we offer, we will condemn your land and take it and you'll get nothing. The farm just wants a fair offer. Same language as today.

The 2nd farm requires violence to seal the deal. To stop the beating of a family member, the owner signs the deed on the dotted line.

The 3rd farm is owned by the mother of Frank and Jesse James. She says we'll handle it in court. Railroad won't take "No" for an answer and introduces violence. Frank and Jesse defend the homestead, shoot the railroad boss in the hand when he tries to use a scythe as a weapon.

Railroad gang flees, complains to the court and returns with reinforcements. Frank and Jesse flee. Railroad boss throws dynamite into the house and kills the owner, the mother of Jesse James, who returns to kill the boss in front of many witnesses.

So Frank and Jesse begin a life of crime, robbing banks and trains. Newspapers champion the righteous cause. Jesse interrupts a church service to marry his sweetheart. The preacher talks about how the railroad stole his own family farm.

Plea bargain for a light sentence if Jesse turns himself in. When he does, the government/railroad collusion betray their word and call for the death penalty. Townspeople turn on the authorities and free Jesse James.

Soon the original cause is forgotten as the crime spree continues on.

The 1939 movie is a cautionary tale against the modern cycle of land stealing rooted in the Great Depression. Today we remember the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park as unnecessary and unjustified projects.

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