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$900,000 To Replace Locals With Non-Citizens. Sunday October 1, 2017.

10-2-2017 City Council Agenda 214-page 54-meg PDF 18 items with background material.

Charlottesville has been swimming in corrupt money for many years. We can make perpetual interest-free loans. We can spend $10 million to be reimbursed later. All the spending at the regular meetings is off-budget.

In 2007 Council made a 5-year interest-free loan to Dogwood Housing LLC to subsidize 57-units of so-called affordable housing. The landlord wants to extend the loan a third time for a total of 15-years. In addition to the $850,000 loan, Dogwood Housing must count the free interest as income. Most likely the company is too risky to get a bank loan.

Another $900,000 from the Affordable Housing slush Fund will pay the rents of Dogwood Housing illegal immigrants brought into Charlottesville to dilute the local electorate. The land-stealing Charlottesville Housing and Redevelopment urban renewal Authority and middle-man for land thefts Piedmont Housing Alliance will actually spend and benefit from the money.

How do you know it's a slush fund? (1) They can't account for where the money went. (2) The criteria list is long and finally ends with ANY ARBITRARY REASON.

Round 3 Aftermath Of August 12 Race Riots. Sunday September 17, 2017.

9-18-2017 City Council Agenda 198-page 10-meg PDF 20 items with background material.

Double standards will be on display at Monday's regular meeting, from inconsistent procedures to outright favoritism. Often history exposes injustice from inequality because you need two events for comparison. Sometimes both standards are juxtaposed before your very eyes, which requires political (polite) correctness or double-think.

The 1940 Albemarle County Historical Society is now called Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society. It has been at the McIntire building since 1993, owned by the City as the public library until a 1977 city-county joint venture purchased the old downtown post office next door for the existing library. The first public library was a couple blocks away at Court Square in the days of Jefferson.

It's the closest thing to the Robert E. Lee statue, ground zero for state-sponsored violence on August 12, Occupy Charlottesville in 2011, and countless festivals and homeless people. Yet the Society has been silent on government efforts to destroy the artifacts and landmarks of local history at their doorstep.

Now we know why. A 5-year package worth $750,000. That's what it would cost a legitimate tax-paying business.

The McIntire Building – built for use as a City library by Paul Goodloe McIntire – is one of the more stately properties in Charlottesville. It was first leased to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society in 1993, after an extensive renovation organized by the Society, using a combination of donated funds and a loan from the City.

Discussion: The previous lease of the McIntire Library to the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society (ACHS) provided for a four-year initial term, expiring June 30, 2017, with a Tenant’s option for an additional one year.

Rather than electing to extend the existing lease, the Historical Society has requested that a new lease be executed under more favorable terms. The previous lease agreement established a first-year rental rate of $2,184, sufficient to offset the City’s average cost to maintain the building.

That rental rate did not account for the cost of capital improvements/repairs to the facility, nor did it reflect the Fair Market Value of the property, estimated at $15/square foot ($114,090/year) or compensate for lost commercial real estate revenue.

The lease being provided for consideration by City Council includes all terms requested by the Historical Society, including:

  • No rent payments throughout the 5-year lease -- estimated minimum net revenue loss of $10,920, not including any rent rate adjustments which may have been negotiated to reflect building maintenance or other cost increases associated with ownership.
  • City assumes responsibility for the provision of electricity, natural gas and water/ sewer utilities – estimated cost to the City of ~$40,000 over 5 years
  • City assumes responsibility for grounds maintenance, including snow removal – estimated cost to the City of ~$11,000 over 5 years.
  • City assumes responsibility for Casualty Insurance.
  • City assumes responsibility for all capital improvements – estimated cost to the City of approximately $118,000 over 5 years, (roof replacement & fire alarm system). As a footnote, the City has expended about $430,000 for capital improvements, over the past ten years at this facility.
What is the consistency of the agenda itself? Spending money is called Appropriation and Resolution. Appropriaion requires 2 readings. A resolution is only one reading. On Monday there will be 4 resolutions to spend about $2 million and 5 appropriations to spend about $1 million. Seven of the 9 spending bills are snuck through the Consent Agenda (list of bills passed in single vote). A consent item can be passed at the beginning of the meeting, but discussed only at the end of the meeting.

Special interest initiatives allocate $2 million for the Carlton Views Phase 2 development from Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund. Other real estate issues deal with various slush funds – Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Patnership.

To release an easement for natural gas lines back to the free market, you need 2 readings (regular meetings).

It's the 2nd reading to spend the $12,000 on Rose Hill Neighborhood historic survey. What a mixed message! Destroy history in many parts of town while pretending to care about history in other parts of town.

There's an update on the Rain Tax. Columbus Day will become Indigenous Peoples Day (resolution = once).

The final late-night item is a Statement of Economic Principles. It's sure to be Orwellian double-think. While the local economy, posioned with unjust ideas like non-profit and tax-exempt, continues to contract since World War Two, the rhetoric is from the past when historical principles of civil rights led to prosperity.

Cognitive dissonance is unsettling. In recent years City Council has stopped following traditional procedures and created confusion. Every parent knows routine is necessary to prevent children from acting out. Every parent should know that loving one child more than the others creates resentment. Being unable to challenge your parent's double-think creates hostility.

Repeat Of Last Meeting Disrupted By Mob. Tuesday September 5, 2017.

9-5-2017 City Council Agenda PDF 260 pages from City Hall.

The regular public meeting starts at 7:00 p.m first and third Mondays unless holiday. It's usually preceded by a closed meeting.

Review of city council procedures.

Call to Order. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call. Announcements. PUBLIC COMENT. CONSENT AGENDA. Agenda Items { Appropriation (2 readings). Resolution (1 reading). Ordinance (2 readings). Eminent Domain (1 reading). Sale of Seized Property (2 readings). } PUBLIC COMMENT. Adjourn the Meeting.

Why don't you trust City Council? The Consent Agenda is their biggest lie. They claim they're not sneaking through legislative items. Yes they are. The items are good enough to pass at the start of the meeting BUT not good enough to be discussed and passed. Moving the item to the end of the meeting proves they are being sneaky.

Yet a councilor or city manager will look at you with a straight face and say....Why don't you trust me? What can the citizen do when a politician says something obviously false and dishonest? Speak the truth early and often. The purpose of the speech restrictions since Jan. 2016 was to allow Council to go unchallenged when they speak absurdities.

Item K should be dropped. It's a $12,000 matching grant from Va. Department of Historic Resources. Charlottesville is not interested in historic preservation as proven by Lee and Jackson monuments, which is shared history of whites and blacks. City Council has offered not one African-American historical marker. The Vinegar Hill monument is an abstraction, intentionally devoid of actual names and history.

Council think they can mandate historic preservation in Rose Hill, Woolen Mills, and Fifeville while destroying history in other parts of town. This double standard proves the bigotry of City Council.

Say that and Council will call you a racist for proving they are racists. Furthermore Council will expect respectful treatment in the face of obvious disrespect for the flag to which they pledged allegiance at the start of the meeting.

The Beat Goes On. Monday August 21, 2017.
(Comment on Facebook)

City Council will fund the Vinegar Hill monument because the community did not want an urban renewal marker exclusive to only one neighborhood. Liberation Day March 3, 1865 is elevated to a City holiday.

8-21-2017 Council Agenda PDF from City Hall.

Blair Hawkins.

More on how the City Council has been broken since 1924 Lee monument.

Previous Reports on City Council.

First Baptist Church Site Of First Jefferson School. Feb. 25, 2007.

Council Refuses To Release Urban Renewal Archives. Nov. 20, 2006. "Monday night the 5-member city council refused my plea to 'investigate what happened to the archives of urban renewal.' [...] only Kendra Hamilton responded to my 3-minute speech. She said I should talk to the Housing Authority’s new executive director since 2005. The concern may not have been passed on. Hamilton is the Council’s staunchest supporter of urban renewal. At first glance, it all seems fine…unless you know the back-story."

Public Hearing on 125-year-old Water Plan. Sep. 19, 2010. "City Council will hear from the public Monday evening on the latest phase of a civic water plan set in motion in the late 1800s when all the land was purchased for the latest expansion of Ragged Mountain reservoirs 1885 and 1908. The city has allowed hiking trails and other public uses until the community decided to further enlarge this water storage. In June 2006 and again June 2008, City Council approved the water plan resulting from an unprecedented series of community forums held by Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority beginning in 2005. The County has also repeatedly approved the plan. The purpose of the latest public hearing is to delay the plan."

Council Rules On Blighted Belmont House. July 5, 2011. Has until September.

Blighted House Demolished By Eminent Domain Ordinance. on Nov. 17, 2011.

TEA Party Takes Heat At Council Meeting. June 6, 2011. " In public comment, a deluded Jack Marshall characterized the Jefferson Area TEA Party as deluded. Marshall’s 3-minute speech was one for the ages, to be memorized by students of rhetoric because he used every trick in the book. [...] What’s more important? The environment, the planet, the weather, the global nations? Or you – the most tiny minority of all – only one person? One person can make a difference – for the worse if Jack Marshall prevails and for the better if Carole Thorpe can articulate the radical ideals our forefathers set as the supreme law in our national constitution."

Council spends almost $1 million off-budget, debuts budget process. March 7, 2011. “When someone flushes their toilet in Forest Lakes, we don’t want to smell it [in Woolen Mills]” – Allison Euring.

Council Real Estate Dealings Under Scrutiny. June 20, 2011. "Former Mayor Blake Caravati criticized the City for not being transparent in its sale of surplus public land."

Urban Renewal Director Dunn Takes Heat. Sep. 24, 2012. "The latest executive director since April, Connie Dunn stood her ground. Dunn said the agency has had fewer evictions under her tenure than there were last year."

Human Rights Commission Passes. May 20, 2013. The public is divided into at least 26 groups according to 13 criteria. The ordinance does not spell out which race is to be favored and which is to be discriminated against. (1) Race (2) Color (3) Religion (4) Sex (5) Pregnancy (6) Childbirth or related medical conditions (7) National origin (8) Age (9) Marital status (10) Disability (11) Gender identity (12) Transgender status (13) Sexual orientation.

Update On Water Plan, Human Rights Commission. Aug. 20, 2012. " Construction of the new dam is proceeding. Bonds to finance the project have been validated by the Virginia Supreme Court. Granular-Activated Carbon and chlorine will disinfect the water. Chloramines (bleach + ammonia) are off the table. [...] Executive Director since 2004 Tom Frederick presented a quarterly report to City Council after City Manager Maurice Jones called him a few weeks ago for an update."

Race Commission Postponed, Dialog On Race Forever. Dec. 17, 2012. "We can’t be trusted to do the right thing. To her credit [Dede] Smith’s logic brought her full circle."

Mayor Huja Shuts Down Dialog On Race. Jan. 7, 2013. " The real dialog on race finally came to City Council Monday night. In public comment some stereotypes were shattered while others were reinforced." City Council raided the urban renewal public housing redevelopment fund.

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